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Wool Solids Braided Rug in Sand

Originally used to warm drafty New England floors, pure wool remains the traditional choice for country rugs. Wool yarns create a soft feel underfoot, paired with a durability that retains its shape and appearance year after year. 100% wool yarns retain dye beautifully, allowing us to create beautiful vibrant colors. Crush-resistant woven fiber filling provides cushiony support and ensures long life. Reversible for twice the wear.
  • This rug has a .5 inch pile height. High pile area rugs like this is great for bedrooms and living rooms. The extra thick fiber length provide great cushion underfoot and comfort for those want to sit on the floor for family games and movie time! Typically, rugs that are this thick are classified as premium quality.
  • A braided rug like this one adds a great sense of warmth to any room. Braided rugs come from a long tradition of weaving techniques used in colonial times and stem from the New England region. Today, local artisans carry these traditions forward, while blending in modern colors pallets to keep up with the changing styles. Braided rugs are primarily places in country-style or farmhouse style decors.
  • Braided rugs have become very popular in the last few years. Traditionally, these rugs were used in cottage and cabin settings. However, with modern patterns and colors braided rugs like this one can be used with casual and transitional decors.
  • When purchasing a wool rug, one does so knowing they will have a premium product that will last well over 10 years. With proper maintenance and cleaning, wool rugs work very well in both high traffic areas and bedrooms. Very soft to touch and often very thick piles are key features for wool rugs. Wool rugs can be vacuumed.
  • A rug pad is recommended to prevent the rug from slipping on hardwood floors and tiles. A rug pad is also great to allow circulation of air underneath the rug, this greatly helps reduce moisture and mold from building up when the rug has been down for extended periods of time. This braided rug will work fine with a standard rug pad.