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Article: How to Decorate with Color

How to Decorate with Color

How to Decorate with Color


You’re ready for a new area rug and you want to inject some color and life into your space. Where do you begin? That’s the question many ask before ever getting started. Luckily, we have put together a great blog about color theory that you can find here: Understanding Color Theory - How To Pick The Right Color Rug to help you begin.

After you understand color theory and how color works, it’s always fun to get ideas on how you can decorate with colorful area rugs to create the perfect space. Bold, colorful area rugs can be an intimidating purchase for many. The concern of whether the piece is too loud, or too much, constantly weighs on our minds. An area rug is an investment and we all know we don’t want to lay down a rug that clashes with a single thing in our space.

If you’re ready to be adventurous, live loud, or simply just pick up a colorful new area rug like a richly dyed Bohemian Rug we have some concepts to help you design with these wonderful textiles.

Clashing colors are by and large the biggest concern users have when choosing rich, bold colorful rugs. The vibrant hues and various shades of colors generally look best with neutral colored walls. Understanding this, helps to prevent bright oranges and reds clashing with a forest green accent wall. The same concept can apply to large pieces of furniture like sectionals, couches, loveseats and recliners with neutral linens or upholstery rather than bold colors against the bold area rug.

Building Out From Your Rug as a Base

Once you understand color theory, how colors evoke emotions and which colors are complimentary you’re ready to get started on choosing the smaller accent decor items throughout your space. An easy, simple way to do this is to pick a color out of your area rug specifically and use that as your point of reference. Reference the color wheel and which colors compliment with gradients on each side of that color too. This will create depth within the range while remaining true to your base.

Trouble Picking? Go Black & White

We’ve talked about color theory, complimentary colors, tertiary colors and colors galore. Got color overload? Keep things simple with your space with a Black or White single color or as the primary base for your area rug. Our Black Rugs and White Rugs Collections are bold without needing multiple colors. These rugs also don’t have to be plain or boring with many featuring unique, intricate patterns that create a design all with simple, classic colors. When utilizing a Black or White rug as a base, it’s then very easy to design and accentuate your space with bright wall decor, accent pillows or even your furniture pieces.

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