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Article: How To Care For Your Sheepskin Rug

How To Care For Your Sheepskin Rug

How To Care For Your Sheepskin Rug

Oh, Sheepskin Rugs. The long beloved piece is a favorite for a multitude of reasons, from its diverse softness to be draped over furniture, or possibly the first thing your feet feel when climbing out of bed each morning it’s coziness can make its way into high traffic situations which requires some maintenance and care.

The Genuine Sheepskin Area Rug features lush sheepskin fur. It is a genuine sheepskin pelt, simply cleaned and sanitized for home use. Many wonder how to Clean a Sheepskin Rug or to keep it in it’s best condition while still using and appreciating the great piece.

As we begin it is important to remember that Sheepskin Rugs are natural products that offer unique characteristics from each individual rug. Organic, hand woven premium sheepskin rugs are so much more than a simple floor covering or superficial decorative piece. These high-end products introduce a palpable new atmosphere of vitality and intrigue, or vastly enhance an existing decor. With the addition of scientifically proven health benefits, these materials have been sought out by fashion adept individuals for centuries!  

But how do you take care of it? Don’t worry, it’s much easier than you think. Sunlight and moisture will affect your rug, so when you place it in areas like this, understand what is ahead. Strong sunlight can dry out the skin losing some softness in addition to discoloration where overly damp areas can cause curling fibers and again the loss of that incredible soft touch. Knowing where your rug will best be suited helps add longevity too!

Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!

Better yet, brush your rug with a metal bristle brush, similar to a pet brush to reinvigorate and add new life to the Sheepskin fur. Brushing regularly and shaking outside helps keep crumbs out before they get buried down in.

Accidents happen!

Who are we to pretend they don’t! Kids, pets, and even ourselves though we don’t want to admit it can spill, drip, drop, or messy up our favorite Sheepskin. When you must, spot clean it up. A cloth and warm water along with a gentle Sheepskin Shampoo gently abbed on the spoiled area will generally remove most strains if treated quickly.

Take The Next Step

Sometimes spot cleaning just doesn’t quite do the trick. You can then look to do a full wash either with the rug on a wool cycle or hand wash in the bath. Dry cleaners can also clean almost anything, especially those hard to care for items, so this is another route to explore

Be Patient When It Dries

Please do NOT tumble dry your rug or leave it drying over a hot vent or radiator. This absolutely will damage your lovely sheepskin.

Time For A New One

If your sheepskin is old, it may not hold up to a wash after a stain in which case it is time to get that new Sheepskin Rug that you love.

Like all rugs at, our Genuine Sheepskin Area Rugs ship absolutely free and feature a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee as we stand by our high-quality products and your satisfaction is our priority!

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