Understanding Your Room’s Purpose & Size To Pick The Perfect Rug

Colletion | Nov 27, 18
Understanding Your Room’s Purpose & Size To Pick The Perfect Rug

As they say, home is where the heart is. It’s where we seek comfort and rest, it is where we spend a majority of our time when we aren’t running about with our daily life chores, work, and all of the other directions life pulls us. We all want, and dream, about the perfect home. One where we are at ease, safe and with the ultimate comfort. All while being something we can also be proud of and welcome others into, even showcasing our design inspiration and styles.

For so many, inviting someone in is a nervous feeling and happens less than it could or should. We want you to be proud of the home you have and the spaces you have designed and an area rug can be the perfect piece to tie it all together. To choose the perfect rug you must first understand your space’s size and also its purpose. The purpose is an important one often overlooked. The thing about interior design, and creating the perfect space for you, is to remember that it is yours. Don’t stress the rules, but you can use some of the tips below to help guide you along your way!

Understanding Your Space

Let’s start by figuring out the available space, its purpose and then identifying our overall theme. Measurement comes first. To really understand a space, and determine the proper size rug, you need to measure and find both the length and the width. It doesn’t hurt to know how tall it is too from floor to ceiling but that has more to do with the other decor than the rug selection.

There is more however than just measuring the total square footage of the room. You need to consider and factor in the furniture and other pieces that take up space and also how much room you desire for yourself and others to move about. This is also where you can understand that perception can lead to spaces looking large or smaller. This can also invoke feelings of freedom when large and open or intimacy when smaller and enclosed.

This thought process leads right into the style of rug you can choose. Some of our Bohemian Rugs range in size from 2’x3’ for very small spaces or accent pieces like individual rugs under a dining table or by seating up to large rugs as big as 9’x12’ or even 6’ square all in the same style and design. Depending on whether you want to bring people together with intimacy and close space, or open your space up can help determine whether you choose a square, rectangle, or circle rug and the perfect size too.

Another example applies when accenting with our Sheepskin Rugs. Our Genuine Sheepskin Area Rugs range from Single Pelt in a size of 2’x3’ increasing in size from Double, Quadruple or even 8 Pelt sizes as large as 6’x6’.

Once you understand the size and space as well as the goal of the room and its purpose, you can move on to choosing the color of your rug whether it be a White Rug, Black Rug, Yellow Rug, Green Rug, Red Rug or any blend of color between, we’ve got you covered at Super Area Rugs in sizes from 2’x3 to 12’x15’ and beyond in a wide range of shapes too! Be sure to sign up for our email list to receive 15% off your first purchase and as always let us know if you have any questions on your search for the perfect area rug!

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