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Cherry Hill Premium Braided Wool Rug

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Item Number: 8319000215848

Braided in USA

100% Wool

0.5 inch thick.

90-Day Warranty

Bluestone Multi Wool Braided Rug #color_Bluestone Multi
Cherry Hill Premium Braided Wool Rug Sale price$ 70.21 Regular price$ 216.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
elana gershon
Wool Braided Rug

Very high quality wool rug. Well made.

Teresa Scott

Great color.. weave is a bit looser than my other one...but looks great

Madeline Peterson

We purchased this for in front of our wood burning fireplace.Good quality, has held up beautifully, even with the occasional ember landing on it.My dog and cats enjoy laying on it by the fire.Cleans up easy.Love the colors.

Joanna Ingram

The rug is very nice. It is what I expected. The craftsmanship is excellent and it seems as though it will hold up nicely. The colors go well with my neutral colored floor. It feels soft on my feet. The dog loves to sit on it as it provides a warm spot on an otherwise cool floor.

Sylvia Cooper

Love the overall look and quality. A little slippery on hardwood so should have a grip pad under it to play it safe.

Frequently asked question

How to pick the size of your rug?

2x3 - 3x5

These smaller rug sizes are perfect for accentuating specific areas. They fit well in entryways, in front of sinks, by the bedside, or even inside a walk-in closet. They can give a pop of color and texture without overwhelming the space.

2x3 - 3x5 Rug Placement

4X6 -5x8

These medium-sized rugs are versatile and can be used in various spaces. They're great for under coffee tables in living rooms, beneath a small dining table, or in a cozy reading nook. They cover more ground and can be a focal point in a room.

4X6 -5x8 Rug Placement


The 6x9 rug is ideal for larger living rooms, under bigger dining tables, or in spacious bedrooms beneath the bed. They're big enough to make a statement but don't take over an entire room.

6x9 Rug Placement


These larger rugs are designed for spacious rooms. They can cover the majority of a living room floor or be placed under a king-size bed with side tables. They provide warmth and comfort to bigger spaces.

8x10 Rug Placement


The 9x12 is one of the largest standard rug sizes and is suited for expansive rooms or open floor plans. It can be used in grand living rooms, under extensive dining tables, or in master bedrooms to provide a luxurious feel.

9x12 Rug Placement
What happens if the colors don't work out?

You have 30 days to try the rug out in their home. If you don't absolutely love it, send it back for a refund.

What is the difference between materials?

Wool Rugs

Advantages: Naturally stain-resistant, durable, and offers excellent insulation. It's soft and has a natural feel.
Disadvantages: Can shed over time and may require regular vacuuming. Might be more expensive than synthetic options.

Polypropylene or Synthetics Fiber Rugs

Advantages: Durable, stain and moisture resistant, and cost-effective.

Disadvantages: May not feel as luxurious as natural fibers and can become flattened with heavy foot traffic.

Jute Rugs

Advantages: Eco-friendly, durable, and can add a rustic touch to interiors.

Disadvantages: Can be coarse underfoot and may be susceptible to staining.

Silk Rugs

Advantages: Luxurious feel, fine texture, and can have a shiny appearance.

Disadvantages: Delicate, not suitable for high-traffic areas, and can be expensive.

Sheepskin Fur Rugs

Advantages: Ultra-soft, plush, and can add warmth and luxury to a room.

Disadvantages: Requires regular maintenance and might not be suitable for humid environments.

How do I clean this rug?

This item can be hand washed with warm water and mild detergent. Ensure that you rinse thoroughly and lay it flat to dry.

Spot Treating

If there's a spill or stain on your rug, treat the affected areas with soap and water. Remember to blot and not rub the area to prevent spreading the stain or damaging the rug fibers.


It's best to vacuum rugs without using the rotating brush bar in vacuum cleaners. This helps maintain the rug's appearance and prolongs its life.